Industrial Welding

Pipeline Fabrication and Welding Services Limited use the latest cutting and welding techniques from Mig & Tig to Gas and Plasma cutting.
These techniques, combined with our large workshop facilities, support our on-site welding and fabrication teams.

Industrial WeldingWe have the skills and expertise to work with a variety of metals including :

  • Aluminium
  • Cast Iron
  • Sheet Metal
  • Steel
  • Titanium

We also offer on-site welding, general welding, arc welding, spot welding, stud welding and welding repairs.


Steel Pipeline Fabrication

Pipeline Fabrication and Welding Services offer above ground installations and industrial pipe work fabrications to leading welding standards in carbon and stainless steel, in house or on-site.

Steel Pipeline FabricationOur fabrication covers processing raw materials by using black / mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, cutting to length either by profile cutting, manual flame cutting, sawing and guillotining.

We also provide :

  • Folding and Bending
  • Rolling, Drilling and Punching
  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • MMA Welding
  • Blast Cleaning and Final Assembly.


Ultra High Purity Orbital Welding

Pipeline Fabrication and Welding Services also offer Ultra High Purity Orbital Welding on stainless steel pipelines for the food / dairy, chemical and water industries and use the latest developments in welding specifications for Sanitary Process Piping.

Orbital WeldingThe food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries around the world are under pressure to assure the safety of their products, to produce them at a lower cost and to higher quality standards than ever before. Recent, well-publicised problems with food and dairy safety have raised public awareness and concern about plant conditions.

The need to control the cost of bringing new therapeutic products to market has led the expanding biopharmaceutical industry throughout the world to place an increasing emphasis on quality standards and documentation in order to expedite the lengthy approval process for new drugs.

The FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) requires that the facility in which a new drug is produced must be designed, constructed and commissioned so that it meets the criteria for process validation. Failure to achieve validation on the first attempt can be very costly to the facility owner, so maintaining quality from the design phase throughout the construction process is essential.

The capability of orbital welding of making a smooth crevice-free inner weld bead on a repeatable basis has contributed to huge improvements in process piping technology in all of these industries over the past decade, and Latin America has played a leadership role in accepting and advancing the use of this technology.

Although the food and dairy industries have been slower to accept orbital welding and other technological advances, this is changing rapidly. As an example of the global economy, the largest dairy plant in Asia was installed in 1994 - with orbital welding equipment from the United States and stainless steel processing equipment imported from Europe - to make processed cheese slices for McDonalds' hamburgers in India.

A dairy in Arizona, USA, was recently installed with state-of-the-art equipment and orbital welding to the highest industry standards. They found that the time to reach acceptably low bacterial counts in their piping systems was greatly reduced from previous similar installations done with manual welding.